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With the Fundraising Kit™ we have demystified the act of raising money and created DIY tools that help you Raise Like a Pro

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Raising Money is Hard. Only 1% succeed 

To be part of the happy few, you need to understand the rules of fundraising and amaze investors with a
stunning pitch deck and robust financials. We have created the Fundraising Kit™ to help you achieve exactly that.

What is included in the Fundraising Kit

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A complete eBook which provides you with

all the knowledge and insights you

need to navigate and succeed in the

complex world of startup fundraising

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An extensive library of thousands slides

and dozens of pre-made templates

including redesigned versions of popular

pitch decks used by Youtube, AirBnB, TransferWise and others

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This founder-friendly template will take

you through a step-by-step process to build your company’s financial projections without breaking a sweat


The Fundraising Playbook

Get all you need to know to raise fund with confidence

After you have read this eBook, fundraising won’t have any secrets for you 

Get inside the mind of investors and
learn how they will evaluate your business

Learn how to connect with investors even as a beginner at fundraising

Access the formula to create an authentic pitch deck that will help you stand out of the crowd

Get the method to build a world-class financial model without financial skills

Access pro tips on how to close a deal and get the money wired to your account

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The easiest way to create impactful pitch decks

Get access to an extensive library of slides and ready-to-use templates 

Choose from thousand premium slides across 50+ categories

Use of the one the pre-made templates for a faster result

Turn your data into visual insights within minutes with charts automatically linked to Excel

Not familiar with PowerPoint presentation? Don’t panic! Templates come with user tips

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Financial Model Template

Project your financials. Hassle free

This template will surprised you by it ease of use. Simply follow the enclosed steps to run your projections. No  skills required

Project your future revenue and profits

Calculate your breakeven point

Predict your cashflow, so you never run out of cash

Estimate you business valuation so you're ready for negotiation

Visualise how your profits evolve at different levels of sales and expenses

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Now you can Raise like a Pro!

Success is one click away. Take action now

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You will master all the rules and
fundraising secrets
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You will create a pitch deck
investors can't resist
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You will build razor-sharp financials
that will create confidence

Client Testimonials

Fundraising demystified - founders empowered

"SlideXpert templates are awesome. We are using them for our fundraising pitches decks. They make it easier to present ideas which are difficult to explain otherwise "

Gabriel Hanchana


"I must admit that I'm usually very skeptical of such offers. But this package is incredible value for money, well worth its price! The time saved to create one deck alone is payback for the investment"

Matthew Morgan

Senior Strategist

" BoostFeed Studio has been more than helpful to me as a first-time entrepreneur. I’m grateful to them for helping me build a great pitch deck and a financial model. "

Steeve Cupaiolo

Founder & CEO

One Time Payment
No Subscription, No Recurring Fees

All in one for only $99.

The Fundraising Playbook


Financial Model Template