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We perform a thorough assessment of your pitch deck and provide an actionable plan & accelerators to radically transform it

Create a pitch deck that hits the mark the first time 

Why use Echo

Creating fundraising assets shouldn't be a gamble

The worst nightmare of fund-seeking entrepreneurs is to get the dreaded empty gaze when pitching to investors. It means they have failed to get them excited.


Fundraising requires method and can't simply be left to chance. 

We created Echo to help entrepreneurs who want to get it right and not fly blind.  

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You will achieve a state-of the-art picth deck in no more than 2 weeks

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With Echo you will be able to create a pitch deck that resonates with your audience in no more than 4 iterations.

We review and provide thorough feedback on your pitch deck using our Proprietary Checklist

We devise an actionable plan to help you transform it 

We provide tips & frameworks to help you accelerate

We advise you on the deck design to upgrade your style  ​​

We typically timebox this exercise in 15 days but can cut back or extend depending your schedule. We are flexible. 


How it works 

Echo is fit for you if you already have a draft pitch deck.

If you are looking for help to get your pitch deck created from scratch, Click here

Step 1 - Discovery

Step 1


Step 2 - Dissection

Step 2


Step 3 - Tune up

Step 3


First, we take the time to hear about you and your business. We understand your  vision,  value proposition and business model. We discuss your stage of growth, Current needs, funding ask and future milestones. 

You will discover our proven methodology & Proprietary Checklist which always bring to light mind-shifting insights. 

At this stage, no payment is required. You are free to walk (no hard feelings) or  carry on with us, if you believe like we do, that we will help take your pitch deck to another level.    


Here, we move to the heart of the action. We collect  your draft deck and relevant inputs and then perform a thorough assessment against  the 11 points of our Proprietary Checklist.

You will receive:

An 11-Point Assessment Report 

A Pitch Transformation Plan 

An Accelerator Pack including templates, frameworks & design creatives which fit your pitch story

We ensure our assessment and recommandations are clear and well received.​

Note: payment is made at the kick-off of step 2.

Once you have implemented the transformation plan, we will review your pitch deck again and provide further feedback and guidance where required. 

We iterate until your deck reaches the desired state.

We provide lots of polishing and finishing advice because these little things make a big difference. 


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Pricing options


Value delivered in 4 iterations



Echo Unlimited

Unlimited iterations 

Untill you're happy 


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What our clients say

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"BoostFeed Studio has been more than helpful to me as a first-time entrepreneur.

Initially I needed to put together an investor pitch deck but lacked the experience and knowledge to effectively communicate my business idea and the DNA of my company as well as build and present accurate financial projections.

It’s worth saying that I had a pleasant experience working with Situ, the founder of BoostFeed Studio.

First, he genuinely listens to you. He put all the efforts to understand your context, your objectives and what you really need.

Although my biggest concern was on my financials, he took a broader approach and helped me reflect and reposition my business the right way; what it is all about, why it is relevant, who is the actual target, etc.

He provides a lot of advice without hurting your ego.

They built for me a great pitch deck and a financial model and I ultimately found the perfect investor for my business."