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With PitchBooster anyone can create a presentation that will amaze investors and unlock funding 

Why we built PitchBooster

At BoostFeed Studio we help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of growing a business.


From our work helping clients develop pitch decks and proposals, we realised that they like our templates and frameworks.


Many of them have asked for a takeaway version of those so they can accelerate deck creation on their own…so here it is! Available to all at an affordable price.


PitchBooster is truly unique. The templates have been carefully curated to empower founders who are looking to tell impactful stories about their business and win over investors, clients or partners.  

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Compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slide
Pay only one time and use PitchBooster for all your business presentations
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How it works 

Unlike other templates, PitchBooster offers 3 Targeted Sets of Template created to help you nail your startup story, prove that your business model is investable and turn your market data and financial projections into compelling insights 

Set - 1

Storytelling Canvases 

Tell engaging stories about your business 

  • Depict your target personas 

  • Break down the problem you’re solving

  • Position your product in visually-engaging customer journeys

  • Amplify the voice of your customers and show how your product improves their life  

Business Model Visuals

Set - 2

Prove the growth potential of your business

  • Present how your business is set up to generate revenue  

  • Show how your strategic choices make you stand out of the crowd

  • Introduce your go-to-market strategy

  • Show you have an awesome team around you  

Set - 3

Facts and Financial Charts

Turn your data into insights and gain investors' trust 

  • Show the size and growth potential of your market

  • Prove that your start-up has traction

  • Present your pricing model 

  • Display your financial projections with sleek graphics 

The only templates come with users' tips!


A day in a life template. Comes with user tipss

Follow our user tips to pick the right template for the right purpose and maximise your chances to thrill your audience

PitchBooster™ comes in multiple colour series 

Select the color series which matches your visual identity and get a professional-looking pitch deck