This eBook is intended to provide founders who are considering fundraising the required knowledge to navigate the complex world of start-up investment.

You will learn to look at your business through investor’s lenses so you can present it in a more convincing way. We breakdown for you the assets you will need to create before embarking on the fundraising journey.

We uncover the unique pathway to get your business and yourself to stand out of the crowd. Spoiler alert: there is no shortcut or hack of any sort here. It is rather about showing you where to put a lot of thinking and how to be as specific and authentic as possible.

We walk you through the right steps to create a world-class pitch deck, a sound financial model and an executive summary that will get your foot in the door.

We’ve curated for you the most important questions you need to prepare for before meeting prospective investors Finally, we offer tips to help you avoid mistakes when you negotiate with investors and to get a deal as soon as possible so you can go back to growing your business. We hope you’ll enjoy the ride! 

The Fundraising Playbook - A practical Guide By BoostFeed Studio


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