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What our clients say


"I must admit that I'm usually very skeptical of such offers. But these slides are incredible value for money, well worth the US$50! The time saved to create one deck alone is payback for the investment."

"SlideXpert templates are awesome. We are using them for our fundraising pitches decks.

Frameworks like Strategy Snapshot, Relationship Mapping, Client Journey and Map to Market are particularly amazing. They make it easier to present ideas which are difficult to explain otherwise."


Infographics for everyone and for all needs

Choose from 50+ categories to fast-track your presentation 

Whether you are a consultant fast-tracking a project report or a founder creating a pitch deck, SlideXpert offer premium infographics suitable for you  
Selection of premium infographics suitable for all kinds of presentations

Instant edit 

Stop spending countless hours creating slide decks from scratch  

Enjoy hassle-free edit and customization 

Simply open the infographic templates on your preferred software, add your company name and logo and start filling out text areas and numbers 
Illustration of how easy to instant edit slidexpert templates
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Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides

Turn your raw data into visual insights 

Create stunning charts by using pre-designed templates 

Charts are linked to Excel 

Pick a pre-made chart you like, input your numbers and get instant results 
No skill required 
Slidexpert chart infographics are linked to excel
 Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides Templates

Choose from 50+ categories of professionally designed templates

 Curated by Domain Experts

Selection of fact and financial charts

Fact and Financial Charts

Selection of funnel templates

Funnel Templates

Selection of calendar infographics

Calendar Infographics

Selection of process slides

Process Slides

Selection of flow charts infographics

Flow Charts

Selection of strategy frameworks

Strategy Frameworks

Selection of venn diagrams infographics

Business Roadmap

Selection of teams infographics

Teams Infographics

Selection of persona templates

Persona Templates

Selection of voice of customers infographics

Voice of Customers Infographics

Selection of customer journey frameworks

Customer Journey Framework

Selection of relationship map infographics

Relationship Map

Selection of product templates

Product Templates


Venn Diagrams

Selection of matrix infographics

Matrix Infographics

Selection of organisational charts infographics

Organisational Charts

Selection of circle infographics

Circle Infographics

Selection of business model infographics

Business Model Infographics

Selection of distribution model infographics

Distribution Model

Selection of growth infographics

Growth Infographics

Selection of target infographics

Target Infographics 

....and many more!


 Match your brand identity

Templates come in multiple color series 

Selection of premium infographics grey series
Selection of premium infographics blue series
Selection of premium infographics green series
Selection of premium infographics black series

 Looking to raise funds? We offer enhanced pitch decks templates as a bonus! 

Pitch deck template - Comparative business strategies
Pitch deck template - Persona
Pitch deck template - Map-to-market
Pitch deck template - Key milestones
Pitch deck template - Market sizing
Pitch deck template - Pricing
Pitch deck template - Siteweb traffic metrics
Pitch deck template - Voice of customers
Pitch deck template - Value growth

....and many more!

SlideXpert infographics come with user tips!

Get the best of the SlideXpert infographics with pro tips

No other infographics package in the market provides user tips


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How do I get the templates?

You will be able to download the templates from the checkout page immediately after payment  

Is SlideXpert a subscription service with recurring payment?

No. Only a one time payment is required to get you immediate access and lifetime free updates

How will I receive my free updates?

New templates will be sent to you via email as our design team release them 

How can I get help?

Contact us here for any support you need