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We help you make the right strategic choices so your business can achieve sustainable grow 

Why you need a sound strategy

We live in uncertain times

In the current volatile and uncertain times, running a business without a sound strategy is similar to sailing uncharted seas without a compass.

The chances of reaching shore are minimal.

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Strategy isn't fluff... then what is it all about? 

Compass on a roadmap

It is about having absolute clarity on your aspiration and  the avenues to get there.

It is a coherent vision of why your business exists, the problem you’re solving, the clients you’re serving, the value you are offering. It articulates what makes you unique and how you operate to deliver that value.

Defining a strategy is making a clear set of choices. It drives you away from the temptation of pursuing ramdom opportunities or being distracted by trendy tactics. 

Strategy creates cohesion 

A sound strategy rallies your team, partners and investor around common goals. Success can’t simply be achieved without one.

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We help you make hard strategic choices, chart a course of action and define appropriate ways to measure success

Compass is a good fit for your businesses if:

You've just started the journey of transforming a great idea into a business.

You need to build the right foundations.

Your current strategy is blurred and your business lacks direction, maybe because you have been trying to accomodate conflicting objectives.

You need focus.

Your current strategy is not succesful and need to be pivoted.

You need a reset.

Route Planning
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We work with you to devise, improve or pivot your strategy and business model.

We help you build an executable plan that will translate your strategy into actual value.


We build a scorecard for you so you can measure what really matters in your journey towards your aspired destination.

We equip you with ready-to-use communication assets so you can rally your team and amaze investors. 

How it works 

While each strategy project is unique, the Compass methodology enables entrepreneurs to make unambiguous choices and to build executable action plans   

Step 1 - Diagnose

Step 1


Step 2 - Reset

Step 2


First, we analyse your business fundamentals. We use Hexapod, our proprietary 6-dimension questionaire (market, competition, business model, financials, resources and culture) to dissect your business outside-in. 

We identify your main challenges and dig out what needs to be fixed in your current strategy. 


With the diagnosis in mind, we guide you through a reset process where you have to reconsider your options and make a series of optimal choices.

With the help of our Optimal Arc Framework, you re-affirm or re-imagine iteratively your Mission, Customers, Offerings, Winning advantage, and Delivery model.

The Optimal Arc Framework allows you to make choices that hold together like spots on a perfect arc.  

Step 3 - Reignite

Step 3


A clear set of choices should always translate into a clear set of actions. At this stage we help you articulate a time-bound action plan.

We build a scorecard for you so you can focus on the right metrics. This is your navigation aid.

We deliver ready-to-use communication assets so you can mobilise your ecosystem around your new strategy.

Man Reaching Star

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